Celebrating the individual spirit in each person, and the power of a wish, Dogeared has become a favorite of celebrities, stylists, and unique and wonderful people all over the world. Handmade in Venice Beach, California, Dogeared reflects the laid-back California lifestyle. The collection is filled with meaningful jewellery that has an attached concept or thought, providing each piece with an additional reason to wear it that goes beyond the simple beauty of each style. Dogeared jewellery also makes great gifts that never go out of style because they are more than a piece of jewellery, they are a connection to something larger…a wish, a dream, a hope.

Dogeared loves to spread positive energy into the world with personal and positive gifts. The Make a Wish Necklaces, reminders, karma and Word Jewels have touched the hearts and graced the necks of celebrities, stylists, film and TV stars everywhere.

Each Dogeared piece is made from 925 sterling silver or is gold dipped and only genuine gemstones are used, resulting in a collection that combines the best of classic beauty with the finest of materials. Every piece is beautiful and casual enough to be worn everyday and yet unique enough to make you feel special.

Eclecticism highly recommends the Make A Wish necklaces and bracelets, the canvas bags and the Karma collection.